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Yarmiplay is one of the most prolific members of the Google Snake speedrunning community, he held many different records over the years, and held every record at an earlier point in history. Yarmiplay is commonly portrayed as the character "Neptune" from the game series Hyperdimension Neptunia, with a snake.

His profile page is


Yarmiplay has written many speedrunning tutorials which you can find on some of this wiki's pages as well as on


Yarmiplay has a youtube channel on which he post his runs, sometimes with comedic edits of popular anime.

He also has a twitch channel where he sometimes livestreams Google Snake and various other games.

Trophy Record

Yarmiplay's trophy record was holding every single Individual Level Leaderboards record in the past, before many of the modes in the game were added.

He is one of the few players to complete every single game mode at least once.

Most Impressive Records

Yarmiplay had the longest standing record for Classic 25, being a 28.333 pre-update.

Not only that, but he has:

  • The only recorded sub1:10 classic 50 post-update.
  • The only sub 1 minute peaceful 50 mainboard.
  • The only sub 1 minutes portal 50 mainboard.
  • Small Wall 5a All Apples 72 High score.
  • Sokoban All Apples Small on every multi setting completed at least once.
  • Wall 50 mainboard 1:14.930
  • Winged 25 mainboard 28.620