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SpaceDoge is a top Google Snake Game speedrunner. He actively plays every short category, and has held world records in peaceful and multi modes. His page


SpaceDoge started speedrunning Google Snake on February 29, 2020. His first run was Peaceful 25 in 39.733 secods, which hhe continued improving until on March 8, 2020, he beat the peaceful 25 world record by 0.12 seconds, getting 31.74. Yarmiplay would get back the world record 5 days later, getting a time of 31.5 seconds. On March 19, SpaceDoge took back the world record with 31.367. On March 23, Yarmiplay would get a time of 31 seconds flat. SpaceDoge would later PB every peaceful category in the same run. On April 3, 2020, Yarmiplay would get 29.89 seconds on peaceful 25. This would slow down SpaceDoge.

By this time, SpaceDoge was already either 3rd or 2nd place in every peaceful category. Having a 30.9 second time in peaceful 25, 1:07.7 peaceful 50, 2:27 peaceful 100, and 6:30.83 peaceful 252. After he got 30.9 on the same day as sub 30, SpaceDoge would take a quick break from Google Snake, speedrunning Fetch-A-Fruit. During April, SpaceDoge would be running snake sparingly, but he would get 36.533s on wall 25, a time he still hasn't beaten to this day.

On May 1st, SpaceDoge would get good times in Multi 25, 19.2s, and Classic 25, 35.114s. On May 7th, we would get 18.633s on multi 25. also getting 45.583s on multi 50. On May 10th, he would PB in peaceful mode for the first time in over a month, getting 2:26.417 on peaceful 100. He would also speedrun Giome 500 around this time.

On May 12th, SpaceDoge would join the Google Snake discord server., immediately setting a goal to get sub 30 peaceful 25 by the end of May. 3 days later, he would achieve a legendary 1:03.141 on peaceful 50, setting a new world record by over 3 and a half seconds. The next day, he would PB peaceful 25, getting a time of 30.583s. On the night of May 22nd, SpaceDoge would get 2nd place in both fast and multi 25. On May 25th, Spacedoge would choke sub 30 by getting 30.067s. Eventually, on May 30th, SpaceDoge would complete his goal of sub 30 by 2 frames, getting 29.967s on peaceful 25.

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