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Portal Mode is a mode of Google Snake Game in which 2 apples are on the board at any given time, and once the snake eats one of them, it's head will start coming out of the other apple. The snake is able to turn 180 when this happens, and generally may pick any direction. The game ends when apples can't spawn anymore. In this game mode, apples can't spawn within a radius of 2 blocks around the snake head after an apple is eaten, so that the player won't instantly portal into a location without being able to react. The snake also moves slower in this mode compared to Classic. classic


The name for portal mode was coined by 'speedrunner' "SpaceDoge" on June 11th, 2020.

World Record Progression

All dates in UTC

25 Apples

11th June 2020: 16.35 seconds by SpaceDoge

12th June 2020: 32.91 seconds by Yarmiplay

13th June 2020: 31.61 seconds by Yarmiplay

50 Apples

11th June 2020: 1 minute 29.283 seconds by SpaceDoge

12th June 2020: 1 minute 18.61 seconds by Yarmiplay

13th June 2020: 1 minute 12.43 seconds by Yarmiplay

100 Apples

12th June 2020: 3 minutes 54.76 seconds by Yarmiplay

13th June 2020: 3 minutes 16.53 seconds by Yarmiplay

All Apples

All apples currently has no runs, simply because no one managed to complete this type of run in Portal mode.