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Minesweeper mode is a mode where after eating each apple, a new "flag" (or "mine") spawns with a marked radius around it.

When the snake enters the radius, a timer of 4 ticks start, if the snake is inside the radius during the 4th tick, it dies. Additionally, the snake may not enter the center of the radius on the tile the flag is on, because that also kills it immediately. The player may trigger the "flags" and exit them safely to remove them. These flags are bound to spawn outside the spawn radius like in all regular high score modes, however since the trigger for them extends to more than the tile they spawned on, the challenge of maneuvering around them is harder than the usual "key" or "poison" modes. Still, there are safe strategies that allow a victory.

Is it possible to end with all apples even with multiple flags still on the board, if they occupy every open space and aren't triggered, an apple can't spawn in a flag. This allows for earlier than max count endings, however it's still possible to reach the max count, if the player intentionally triggers all the flags before eating the next apple, and uses the spawn radius to make less flags appear during the end game.

Currently the safest known strategy to win is using tail hug and "default coil" after around 45 apples into small board. Playing riskier (tail-hugging "late" after 45) allows faster times to getting all apples.