Google Snake Game Wiki

Google Snake is a variation of the popular game Snake developed by Google. It was released in 2017 and since then has had a total of 10 game modes, with a combination count of over 41,580 different ways to play. You can change the colour of the snake, number of apples, speed the snake travels, size of the map, and what the snake eats. In the past year, it has been known for its speed community.

Types of food: apple, banana, pineapple, grapes, pumpkin, radish, eggplant, strawberry, cherries, carrots, mushroom, broccoli, and watermelon slices. There is also an option that randomizes which fruit is in the game (represented by a fruit bowl). For convenience, foods will be referred to as apples throughout this article.

Types of game modes:

Classic: When the snake eats an apple, it grows longer and the game ends once the max number of apples is eaten or the snake runs into itself or the border/wall of the map.

Wall Mode: For every 2 apples you eat, a spot on the map will turn into a wall that ends the game if ran into.

Portal Mode: Each apple has a duplicate that the player will be teleported to if one is eaten. The player will come through the duplicate apple in the same direction that they were facing when eating the other. There is a glitch in this game mode where if you go in the opposite direction you are facing as you eat the apple(you have to time it well), you come out of the portal in the opposite direction you were facing.

Hole Mode/Cheese Mode: Every other block the snake moves over, a hole appears in the snake that the player can safely pass through.

Infinite Snake: There are no walls, and the world moves as the player moves. The only way to die in this mode is to run into yourself (and the copies of yourself). The same map is repeated over itself, so when the player moves far enough, they will see the same apple(s) they saw behind them. You will also see snakes that are copies of your snake.

Twin Snake: Every time you eat an apple, your head and tail swap places.

Flying fruit: The apple(s) move around the board, bouncing off the walls/border and the body of the snake.

Yin Yang: There are two snakes on the board; one that you directly control and one that does the opposite of what you press (Left arrow moves right, up arrow moves down, etc.) and is the opposite colour of your snake. Running into the other snake will result in a game over.

Key: A key symbol appears along with a corresponding lock (resembles blocks in wall mode). When the key is collected, the lock block unlocks allowing the snake to collect the apple hidden behind. Running into lock blocks ends the game.

Sokoban: Crates appear around the map and you need to push them into the selective spots. Crates can be pushed to the walls but will warp when moved into the beyond zone. pushing a crate into another crate or your tail will end the game. Same with running into walls

Peaceful mode: Nothing can kill you. Running into walls will cause you to come out of the other side of the wall, and you will glide over yourself. The game ends only when the player presses a stop button in the top right corner, or when the maximum amount of apples are eaten for that level size.

Fusion mode: select any game mode and play those together like multi fruit with sakoban with peaceful mode on

Pure chaos mode: activate all modes but peaceful on fusion then select 5 fruits then select the smallest map with the fastest speed to activate. everything is on, fruits are harder to collect and you evil reversed version wants to kill you. turn on peaceful to practice this

practice: turn on the mode you wish to play with peaceful to practice playing it

Removed game modes:

Multi: Same as normal mode but the apples are doubled so instead of 1 apple of the board you have 2. This mode was removed with the number of apples update which added a slider for 2x apples, 3x apples and 5x apples, this game mode has been removed from the game.

Number of apples: 1, 3, or 5


Snake - normal speed

Rabbit - faster speed (1/3 as fast)

Turtle - slower speed (1/3 as slow)

Game map sizes:

Regular - 17x15 - numbers of apples to win: 252

Small - 10x9 - numbers of apples to win: 87

Big - 24x21 - number of apples to win: 501

Colours of snakes:

(Opposite snake colour in Yin Yang mode shown in parentheses)

Blue (orange), cyan (red), purple (green), magenta (green), red (cyan), orange (purple), yellow (blue), green (magenta), black (white), white (black), and rainbow (grey-scale).

Gradient Colours:

Blue to pink (yellow to green), purple to orange (green to blue), pink to yellow (green to blue), yellow to green (blue to pink), green to blue (purple to orange), black to white (white to black), and white to black (black to white).

Skins that are only available as opposites in Yin Yang mode:

grey-scale, thermal blue, strange purple, bright red, thermal green, thermal blue to thermal purple, thermal pink to thermal orange, thermal purple to bright orange, gold to thermal orange, thermal green to blue

Random facts:

Cyan and red in yin yang mode look like the colours of the Nintendo Switch's joy-cons!

Key mode's block removal has the same animation as a flag being taken out of the ground in google's minesweeper.

If you choose portal mode with 5 food and haven't selected the randomized food, you will still get multiple foods! (to differentiate portals)

Grey-scale snake is found in both normal and thermal mode

Quickly changing directions before the crate breaks in sokoban mode will reveal that there is apples in the crates and eating one spawns another

thermal edition

this is when the whole map looks like a thermal vision.the whole variety of snake skins have also changed as well to be like thermal but have strange color coordination[]

the skins (yin yang in parentheses)

gold(google blue)

thermal red(thermal blue)

lime(strange purple)

blueish green(thermal purple)

bright blue (bright red)

google blue(lime)

dark blue (gold)

thermal purple (thermal green)

light grey (pitch black)

pitch black (light grey)

thermal {everything} (grey scale)

gold to thermal green (thermal blue to thermal purple)

thermal green to thermal blue (thermal pink to thermal orange)

thermal cyan to blue (thermal purple to bright orange)

blue to thermal purple (gold to thermal orange)

thermal purple to thermal orange (thermal green to blue)

silver (shadow)

shadow (silver)

how to enter thermal mode

this mode was here since the very beginning. to access it just play google snake in high contrast mode

Play standalone version.